Medical Division

Seven Seas Enterprise has expanded and specialized itself in the Medical Textiles division. This has been done after thorough R&D. We have taken care of every detail as well as the quality to give a superior product. We specialize in:
Medical Disposable Gowns: Our gowns are made from Non woven fabric and have been tested as per levels 1 and 2 of EU Standard and US Standard.
N95 Masks: We are producing N95 masks under the Brand ‘7SEAS’. These masks are not only CE certified but also SITRA approved. Thus they are of a higher quality compared to the other locally made Indian masks.
3Ply Disposable Masks: We are also producing 3 ply Disposable masks on an automated machine.
Quality being of utmost importance, we make all the masks with a Melt-blown fabric as well as a nose pin, which improves the comfort of the wearer.

Medical Textile